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Most day hikes require a peanut butter sandwich, a water bottle and maybe some bug spray. But for the weekend warrior who wants to crush in one day what most people stroll in three, there are a few indispensables in case the weather turns bad, a friend gets injured or you feel like showing off. Here are our favorite necessities and extravagances for spending a day burning through some miles on the trail.

For the casual hiker, the Daylite pack won’t stand out on the trail as a “city” backpack and won’t stand out in the city as a hiking backpack. The Boulder-based company produced an ’87 throwback model, but upgraded the pack with an internal sleeve for hydration on the trail or laptops in the library. An expandable, exterior pocket couples with lashings to strap, shove and stuff everything you need for the trail or subway into one bag. You can learn more about hiking equipment here.